Welcome to NCC Library Blog!

With the new semester, the Library Staff at Norwalk Community College’s Everett I.L. Baker Library is offering a new mode of communication for NCC students, faculty, and staff, our very own NCC Library Blog.

This Blog is offered to you, as the primary users of our services, as a new and creative approach to our traditional library services.  Blogging provides for a dual flow of information to be shared by all.

In initiating this service, it is the hope of the Library Staff that the evoluntionary nature of the Internet will lead to improvements of our services and also lead to greater awareness and discussion by the NCC community of matters both great and small.

This Blog invites your comments about all of our services, as a place to study, find materials for course work, understand sources of information, learn about new resources available to you at NCC, share thoughts about books, videos, RSS feeds the Library should add, fantastic Internet sites, sharing developments about faculty and staff research on campus and support needed from the Library, developments in scholarly publications, and news about updates to Library policies.  While the Library staff will post responses to comments and offer information, our users are encouraged to look to this Blog regularly as an information source and place to post.

This Blog resides on a server, WordPress, which is outside of the CT Community College system.  It’s easily accessible on the Library’s homepage. The link is to be found on the upper right list of services.

Those of you with a desire and ability to use the Library’s online catalog creatively as a source are encouraged to share your creations here too.  Databases under license agreement however, are not ours to offer to you as open sources.

So welcome to the NCC Library Blog!


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